Department 56 Villages

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A Christmas Story Lighted Items Village Values

Img Piece Released Retired Value Shop
Bumpus House2005current37.99Bumpus House PricesBumpus House Department 56 Value
Chop Suey Palace2005/2008current34.99Chop Suey Palace PricesChop Suey Palace Department 56 Value
Cleveland Elementary School2005/2008current37.99Cleveland Elementary School PricesCleveland Elementary School Department 56 Value
Farcus House2011currentN/AFarcus House PricesFarcus House Department 56 Value
Fire House2005200534.99Fire House PricesFire House Department 56 Value
Furnace Repair Shop2013currentN/AFurnace Repair Shop PricesFurnace Repair Shop Department 56 Value
Hammond Town Hall2005200639.99Hammond Town Hall PricesHammond Town Hall Department 56 Value
Higbees Department Store2005/2008current39.99Higbees Department Store PricesHigbees Department Store Department 56 Value
Miss Shields House2012currentN/AMiss Shields House PricesMiss Shields House Department 56 Value
Pulaskis Candy Store2008201239.99Pulaskis Candy Store PricesPulaskis Candy Store Department 56 Value
Ralphies House2005/2008current37.99Ralphies House PricesRalphies House Department 56 Value
Schultz Optemetry2006201139.99Schultz Optemetry PricesSchultz Optemetry Department 56 Value
The Joke Shop2009/20112012 58.00The Joke Shop PricesThe Joke Shop Department 56 Value
The Police Station2010201268.00The Police Station PricesThe Police Station Department 56 Value
The Uptown Theater2006201139.99The Uptown Theater PricesThe Uptown Theater Department 56 Value