Department 56 Villages

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The Original Snow Village American Pride Collection Village Values

Img Piece Released Retired Value Shop
9/11 Memorial20022003$75.009/11 Memorial Prices9/11 Memorial Department 56 Value
American Pride Backdrop20012004$45.00American Pride Backdrop PricesAmerican Pride Backdrop Department 56 Value
Ellis Island20022005$75.00Ellis Island PricesEllis Island Department 56 Value
Firemans Memorial Monument20022003$50.00Firemans Memorial Monument PricesFiremans Memorial Monument Department 56 Value
Lady Liberty20022003$50.00Lady Liberty PricesLady Liberty Department 56 Value
Mount Rushmore20032005$65.00Mount Rushmore PricesMount Rushmore Department 56 Value
Out For A Drive 3 assorted2009Current18.50Out For A Drive 3 assorted PricesOut For A Drive 3 assorted Department 56 Value
Snow Village Cars 2 assorted2012Current$20.00 eaSnow Village Cars 2 assorted PricesSnow Village Cars 2 assorted Department 56 Value
Statue Of Liberty20022005$65.00Statue Of Liberty PricesStatue Of Liberty Department 56 Value
The Jefferson Memorial20012005$65.00The Jefferson Memorial PricesThe Jefferson Memorial Department 56 Value
The Lincoln Memorial20012005$65.00The Lincoln Memorial PricesThe Lincoln Memorial Department 56 Value
The White House20012005$75.00The White House PricesThe White House Department 56 Value
World Trade Center Memorial20022002$35.00World Trade Center Memorial PricesWorld Trade Center Memorial Department 56 Value