Department 56 Villages

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Christmas in the City Vintage Cars Village Values

Img Piece Released Retired Value Shop
1938 Police Car20052006$20.001938 Police Car Prices1938 Police Car Department 56 Value
1939 Buick Roadster20042005$20.001939 Buick Roadster Prices1939 Buick Roadster Department 56 Value
1940 V16 Cadillac Coupe20032006$20.001940 V16 Cadillac Coupe Prices1940 V16 Cadillac Coupe Department 56 Value
Blue Line Bus20032005$20.00Blue Line Bus PricesBlue Line Bus Department 56 Value
Cars 2 assorted2012Current25.00 eaCars 2 assorted PricesCars 2 assorted Department 56 Value
Delivery Truck20042006$20.00Delivery Truck PricesDelivery Truck Department 56 Value
Taxi20032005$20.00Taxi PricesTaxi Department 56 Value
Vintage Coca-Cola Truck20042007$20.00Vintage Coca-Cola Truck PricesVintage Coca-Cola Truck Department 56 Value