Department 56 Villages

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Snow Village Halloween Lighted Buildings Village Values

Img Piece Released Retired Value Shop
1031 Trick-Or-Treat Drive20012001$75.001031 Trick-Or-Treat Drive Prices1031 Trick-Or-Treat Drive Department 56 Value
1031 Trick-Or-Treat Drive20032004$75.001031 Trick-Or-Treat Drive Prices1031 Trick-Or-Treat Drive Department 56 Value
Axels Costume Shop2012Current$85.00Axels Costume Shop PricesAxels Costume Shop Department 56 Value
Be Witching Costume Shop20062006$85.00Be Witching Costume Shop PricesBe Witching Costume Shop Department 56 Value
Big Horn Saloon2012Current$85.00Big Horn Saloon PricesBig Horn Saloon Department 56 Value
Black Cat Diner20022003$75.00Black Cat Diner PricesBlack Cat Diner Department 56 Value
Black Widow Dating Service20082010$115.00Black Widow Dating Service PricesBlack Widow Dating Service Department 56 Value
Blood Creek Jailhouse2013Current$85.00Blood Creek Jailhouse PricesBlood Creek Jailhouse Department 56 Value
Castle Blackstone20032005$125.00Castle Blackstone PricesCastle Blackstone Department 56 Value
Creepy Creek Carriage House20002003$75.00Creepy Creek Carriage House PricesCreepy Creek Carriage House Department 56 Value
Critters Pet & Pelts20102011$95.00Critters Pet & Pelts PricesCritters Pet & Pelts Department 56 Value
Croak-N-Haggard Mortuary20082009$125.00Croak-N-Haggard Mortuary PricesCroak-N-Haggard Mortuary Department 56 Value
Dead Creek Mill20062007$100.00Dead Creek Mill PricesDead Creek Mill Department 56 Value
Dead End Motel20042007$60.00Dead End Motel PricesDead End Motel Department 56 Value
Deep Woods Haunt20082010$90.00Deep Woods Haunt PricesDeep Woods Haunt Department 56 Value
Dollys World of Hypnosis2013Current$120.00Dollys World of Hypnosis PricesDollys World of Hypnosis Department 56 Value
Dr. Lunatics Laboratory20052008$110.00Dr. Lunatics Laboratory PricesDr. Lunatics Laboratory Department 56 Value
Ghostly Carousel20022005$130.00Ghostly Carousel PricesGhostly Carousel Department 56 Value
Ghoul School20072009$90.00Ghoul School PricesGhoul School Department 56 Value
Gravely Estate20082011$130.00Gravely Estate PricesGravely Estate Department 56 Value
Grimsly Manor19992009$120.00Grimsly Manor PricesGrimsly Manor Department 56 Value
Grimslys House of Oddities20072009$110.00Grimslys House of Oddities PricesGrimslys House of Oddities Department 56 Value
Grimslys Retirement Home20112011$100.00Grimslys Retirement Home PricesGrimslys Retirement Home Department 56 Value
Hair Today Gone Tomorrow20052007$70.00Hair Today Gone Tomorrow PricesHair Today Gone Tomorrow Department 56 Value
Halloween Victorian House20052007$85.00Halloween Victorian House PricesHalloween Victorian House Department 56 Value
Haunted Barn20012002$80.00Haunted Barn PricesHaunted Barn Department 56 Value
Haunted Fun House Gift 20022002$75.00Haunted Fun House Gift  PricesHaunted Fun House Gift  Department 56 Value
Haunted Mansion (Black Roof)19981999$11.00Haunted Mansion (Black Roof) PricesHaunted Mansion (Black Roof) Department 56 Value
Haunted Mansion (Green Roof)19982000$110.00Haunted Mansion (Green Roof) PricesHaunted Mansion (Green Roof) Department 56 Value
Haunted Rails Caboose2011Current$55.00Haunted Rails Caboose PricesHaunted Rails Caboose Department 56 Value
Haunted Rails Dining Car2008Current$55.00Haunted Rails Dining Car PricesHaunted Rails Dining Car Department 56 Value
Haunted Rails Engine & Coal Car2007Current$70.00Haunted Rails Engine & Coal Car PricesHaunted Rails Engine & Coal Car Department 56 Value
Haunted Rails Grain Elevator2013Current$85.00Haunted Rails Grain Elevator PricesHaunted Rails Grain Elevator Department 56 Value
Haunted Rails Passenger Car20102011$55.00Haunted Rails Passenger Car PricesHaunted Rails Passenger Car Department 56 Value
Haunted Rails Sleeper Car2012Current$60.00Haunted Rails Sleeper Car PricesHaunted Rails Sleeper Car Department 56 Value
Haunted Windmill20032006$95.00Haunted Windmill PricesHaunted Windmill Department 56 Value
Hauntsburg House20002002$95.00Hauntsburg House PricesHauntsburg House Department 56 Value
Helgas House of Fortune20022004$95.00Helgas House of Fortune PricesHelgas House of Fortune Department 56 Value
Hemoglobin Blood Bank2013Current$115.00Hemoglobin Blood Bank PricesHemoglobin Blood Bank Department 56 Value
Hildas Haunt2012Current$75.00Hildas Haunt PricesHildas Haunt Department 56 Value
HOWL Radio20072007$90.00HOWL Radio PricesHOWL Radio Department 56 Value
Jacks Pumpkin Carving Studio20052006$80.00Jacks Pumpkin Carving Studio PricesJacks Pumpkin Carving Studio Department 56 Value
LaGhosti Movie Theater20042005$75.00LaGhosti Movie Theater PricesLaGhosti Movie Theater Department 56 Value
Lot 13 Crystal Lake20112012$90.00Lot 13 Crystal Lake PricesLot 13 Crystal Lake Department 56 Value
Mickeys Halloween Castle20112012$125.00Mickeys Halloween Castle PricesMickeys Halloween Castle Department 56 Value
Mickeys Haunted House20042006$85.00Mickeys Haunted House PricesMickeys Haunted House Department 56 Value
Mickeys Pirate Cove20122012$95.00Mickeys Pirate Cove PricesMickeys Pirate Cove Department 56 Value
Monsters of The Deep20072008$125.00Monsters of The Deep PricesMonsters of The Deep Department 56 Value
Mordecai Mansion2012Current$135.00Mordecai Mansion PricesMordecai Mansion Department 56 Value
Rest In Peace Tombstones20062010$125.00Rest In Peace Tombstones PricesRest In Peace Tombstones Department 56 Value
Retching Pumpkin Diner2011Current$90.00Retching Pumpkin Diner PricesRetching Pumpkin Diner Department 56 Value
Rickety Railroad Station2007Current$120.00Rickety Railroad Station PricesRickety Railroad Station Department 56 Value
Rustys Used Cars20102011$125.00Rustys Used Cars PricesRustys Used Cars Department 56 Value
Screech Owl Farm20082010$110.00Screech Owl Farm PricesScreech Owl Farm Department 56 Value
Screech Owl Farmhouse20102010$87.50Screech Owl Farmhouse PricesScreech Owl Farmhouse Department 56 Value
Shipwreck Lighthouse20012003$110.00Shipwreck Lighthouse PricesShipwreck Lighthouse Department 56 Value
Spooky Farmhouse20022004$55.00Spooky Farmhouse PricesSpooky Farmhouse Department 56 Value
The Candy Cauldron2006Current$85.00The Candy Cauldron PricesThe Candy Cauldron Department 56 Value
The Cave Club2012Current$100.00The Cave Club PricesThe Cave Club Department 56 Value
The Clown House of Terror2013Current$120.00The Clown House of Terror PricesThe Clown House of Terror Department 56 Value
The Pumpkin House 2013Current$115.00The Pumpkin House  PricesThe Pumpkin House  Department 56 Value
The Spider House2012Current$110.00The Spider House PricesThe Spider House Department 56 Value
The Spooky Schooner20012001$95.00The Spooky Schooner PricesThe Spooky Schooner Department 56 Value
Three Witches Cauldron Haunt2013Current$85.00Three Witches Cauldron Haunt PricesThree Witches Cauldron Haunt Department 56 Value
Travis Louies World of Otherworldy Persons20122012$140.00Travis Louies World of Otherworldy Persons PricesTravis Louies World of Otherworldy Persons Department 56 Value
Voodoo Lounge20092012$95.00Voodoo Lounge PricesVoodoo Lounge Department 56 Value
Walter & Larrys Crypt20112011$75.00Walter & Larrys Crypt PricesWalter & Larrys Crypt Department 56 Value
Which Way Flight School20032004$60.00Which Way Flight School PricesWhich Way Flight School Department 56 Value
Witchs Brew Pub20042006$80.00Witchs Brew Pub PricesWitchs Brew Pub Department 56 Value
Zeldas Wax Museum20062008$90.00Zeldas Wax Museum PricesZeldas Wax Museum Department 56 Value