Department 56 Villages

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Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Series Village Values

Img Piece Released Retired Value Shop
Afternoon Ice Cream Treat20122012$15.00Afternoon Ice Cream Treat PricesAfternoon Ice Cream Treat Department 56 Value
Dew Drop Inn20122012$90.00Dew Drop Inn PricesDew Drop Inn Department 56 Value
Front Porch Garden20122012$12.50Front Porch Garden PricesFront Porch Garden Department 56 Value
Handmade Quilts20112012$12.50Handmade Quilts PricesHandmade Quilts Department 56 Value
Heartland Church20112012$90.00Heartland Church PricesHeartland Church Department 56 Value
Heartland Creek Ice Cream Parlor20122012$85.00Heartland Creek Ice Cream Parlor PricesHeartland Creek Ice Cream Parlor Department 56 Value
Heartwood Creek Quilts20112012$80.00Heartwood Creek Quilts PricesHeartwood Creek Quilts Department 56 Value
Heartwood Creek Trees 20112012$17.50Heartwood Creek Trees  PricesHeartwood Creek Trees  Department 56 Value
Heartwood Flag20112012$12.50Heartwood Flag PricesHeartwood Flag Department 56 Value
Home Tweet Home20122012$12.50Home Tweet Home PricesHome Tweet Home Department 56 Value
Homestead House20112012$85.00Homestead House PricesHomestead House Department 56 Value
Picket Gate And Fence20112012$27.50Picket Gate And Fence PricesPicket Gate And Fence Department 56 Value
The Wishing Well20112012$12.50The Wishing Well PricesThe Wishing Well Department 56 Value
Welcome To Heartwood Creek sign20112012$17.50Welcome To Heartwood Creek sign PricesWelcome To Heartwood Creek sign Department 56 Value