Department 56 Villages

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Christmas in the City Lighted Items Village Values

Img Piece Released Retired Value Shop
1234 Four Seasons Parkway20032004$75.001234 Four Seasons Parkway Prices1234 Four Seasons Parkway Department 56 Value
21 Club20082009$95.0021 Club Prices21 Club Department 56 Value
36 City West Parkway20112012$70.0036 City West Parkway Prices36 City West Parkway Department 56 Value
42nd St. Fire Company20002005$80.0042nd St. Fire Company Prices42nd St. Fire Company Department 56 Value
5607 Park Avenue Townhouse19891992$48.005607 Park Avenue Townhouse Prices5607 Park Avenue Townhouse Department 56 Value
5609 Park Avenue Townhouse19891992$48.005609 Park Avenue Townhouse Prices5609 Park Avenue Townhouse Department 56 Value
5th Avenue Salon19992001$68.005th Avenue Salon Prices5th Avenue Salon Department 56 Value
5th Avenue Shoppes20032006$95.005th Avenue Shoppes Prices5th Avenue Shoppes Department 56 Value
64 City West Parkway2010Current$70.0064 City West Parkway Prices64 City West Parkway Department 56 Value
7400 Beacon Hill2013Current$100.007400 Beacon Hill Prices7400 Beacon Hill Department 56 Value
All Saints Corner Church19911998$110.00All Saints Corner Church PricesAll Saints Corner Church Department 56 Value
American Diner20072009$95.00American Diner PricesAmerican Diner Department 56 Value
Architectural Antiques 20012003$75.00Architectural Antiques  PricesArchitectural Antiques  Department 56 Value
Arts Academy19911993$45.00Arts Academy PricesArts Academy Department 56 Value
Atwaters Coffee House2012Current$70.00Atwaters Coffee House PricesAtwaters Coffee House Department 56 Value
Baker Bros. Bagel Bakery20012002$75.00Baker Bros. Bagel Bakery PricesBaker Bros. Bagel Bakery Department 56 Value
Ballpark Bleachers Legendary Ballparks20042006$45.00Ballpark Bleachers Legendary Ballparks PricesBallpark Bleachers Legendary Ballparks Department 56 Value
Baltimore Arts Tower20052008$65.00Baltimore Arts Tower PricesBaltimore Arts Tower Department 56 Value
Beekman House19952000$45.00Beekman House PricesBeekman House Department 56 Value
Blue Line Bus Depot20032005$75.00Blue Line Bus Depot PricesBlue Line Bus Depot Department 56 Value
Boston Red Sox Refreshment Stand20042005$17.50Boston Red Sox Refreshment Stand PricesBoston Red Sox Refreshment Stand Department 56 Value
Boston Red Sox Souvenir Shop20042005$45.00Boston Red Sox Souvenir Shop PricesBoston Red Sox Souvenir Shop Department 56 Value
Boston Red Sox Tavern20042005$45.00Boston Red Sox Tavern PricesBoston Red Sox Tavern Department 56 Value
Brighton School19951998$52.00Brighton School PricesBrighton School Department 56 Value
Brokerage House19941997$48.00Brokerage House PricesBrokerage House Department 56 Value
Brooklyn Bridge Historical Landmark20052006$120.00Brooklyn Bridge Historical Landmark PricesBrooklyn Bridge Historical Landmark Department 56 Value
Brownstones On The Square 19951998$90.00Brownstones On The Square  PricesBrownstones On The Square  Department 56 Value
Cafe Caprice French Restaurant19962001$45.00Cafe Caprice French Restaurant PricesCafe Caprice French Restaurant Department 56 Value
Caffe Tazio20052008$80.00Caffe Tazio PricesCaffe Tazio Department 56 Value
Cathedral Church Of St. Mark19911993$120.00Cathedral Church Of St. Mark PricesCathedral Church Of St. Mark Department 56 Value
Cathedral Of St. Nicholas20052006$120.00Cathedral Of St. Nicholas PricesCathedral Of St. Nicholas Department 56 Value
Cathedral Of St. Paul Historical Landmark20012001$150.00Cathedral Of St. Paul Historical Landmark PricesCathedral Of St. Paul Historical Landmark Department 56 Value
Cathedral Of St. Paul Historical Landmark20012005$150.00Cathedral Of St. Paul Historical Landmark PricesCathedral Of St. Paul Historical Landmark Department 56 Value
Central Synagogue Historical Landmark20022003$110.00Central Synagogue Historical Landmark PricesCentral Synagogue Historical Landmark Department 56 Value
Chez Monet20022003$65.00Chez Monet PricesChez Monet Department 56 Value
Chicago Cubs Refreshment Stand20042005$17.50Chicago Cubs Refreshment Stand PricesChicago Cubs Refreshment Stand Department 56 Value
Chicago Cubs Souvenir Shop20042005$45.00Chicago Cubs Souvenir Shop PricesChicago Cubs Souvenir Shop Department 56 Value
Chicago Cubs Tavern20042005$45.00Chicago Cubs Tavern PricesChicago Cubs Tavern Department 56 Value
Chicago White Sox Refreshment Stand20042006$17.50Chicago White Sox Refreshment Stand PricesChicago White Sox Refreshment Stand Department 56 Value
Chicago White Sox Souvenir Shop20042006$45.00Chicago White Sox Souvenir Shop PricesChicago White Sox Souvenir Shop Department 56 Value
Chicago White Sox Tavern20042006$45.00Chicago White Sox Tavern PricesChicago White Sox Tavern Department 56 Value
Chocolate Shoppe19881991$40.00Chocolate Shoppe PricesChocolate Shoppe Department 56 Value
Christmas At Lakeside Park Pavilion20072007$110.00Christmas At Lakeside Park Pavilion PricesChristmas At Lakeside Park Pavilion Department 56 Value
Christmas In The City 19871990$112.00Christmas In The City  PricesChristmas In The City  Department 56 Value
Christmas Treasures 20042006$75.00Christmas Treasures  PricesChristmas Treasures  Department 56 Value
Church Of The Holy Light 20032003$75.00Church Of The Holy Light  PricesChurch Of The Holy Light  Department 56 Value
City Clockworks19921996$56.00City Clockworks PricesCity Clockworks Department 56 Value
City Hall19881991$65.00City Hall PricesCity Hall Department 56 Value
City Park Carriage House 20112011$89.00City Park Carriage House  PricesCity Park Carriage House  Department 56 Value
City Post & Telegraph Office20052008$65.00City Post & Telegraph Office PricesCity Post & Telegraph Office Department 56 Value
Clark Street Automat19992000$68.00Clark Street Automat PricesClark Street Automat Department 56 Value
Coca-Cola Bottling Company20062007$85.00Coca-Cola Bottling Company PricesCoca-Cola Bottling Company Department 56 Value
Coca-Cola Soda Fountain20042007$85.00Coca-Cola Soda Fountain PricesCoca-Cola Soda Fountain Department 56 Value
Crystal Gardens Conservatory 20042004$75.00Crystal Gardens Conservatory  PricesCrystal Gardens Conservatory  Department 56 Value
Dayfields Department Store20102010$120.00Dayfields Department Store PricesDayfields Department Store Department 56 Value
Deerfield Airport2013Current$120.00Deerfield Airport PricesDeerfield Airport Department 56 Value
DeFazios Pizzeria 20022004$65.00DeFazios Pizzeria  PricesDeFazios Pizzeria  Department 56 Value
Department 56 Studio 1200 Second Ave.20012001$100.00Department 56 Studio 1200 Second Ave. PricesDepartment 56 Studio 1200 Second Ave. Department 56 Value
Dorothys Dress Shop Limited Edition of19891991$70.00Dorothys Dress Shop Limited Edition of PricesDorothys Dress Shop Limited Edition of Department 56 Value
Downtown Radios & Phonographs20062006$80.00Downtown Radios & Phonographs PricesDowntown Radios & Phonographs Department 56 Value
East Harbor Ferry 20032004$85.00East Harbor Ferry  PricesEast Harbor Ferry  Department 56 Value
East Harbor Ferry Terminal20052006$100.00East Harbor Ferry Terminal PricesEast Harbor Ferry Terminal Department 56 Value
East Harbor Fish Co.20022005$85.00East Harbor Fish Co. PricesEast Harbor Fish Co. Department 56 Value
East Village Row Houses20072007$99.00East Village Row Houses PricesEast Village Row Houses Department 56 Value
Ebbets Field Legendary Ballparks Series20022004$75.00Ebbets Field Legendary Ballparks Series PricesEbbets Field Legendary Ballparks Series Department 56 Value
Empire State Building Historical20032005$185.00Empire State Building Historical PricesEmpire State Building Historical Department 56 Value
Engine Company 102011Current$90.00Engine Company 10 PricesEngine Company 10 Department 56 Value
Fenway Park Legendary Ballpark Series20012005$75.00Fenway Park Legendary Ballpark Series PricesFenway Park Legendary Ballpark Series Department 56 Value
Ferrara Bakery & Cafe20072009$85.00Ferrara Bakery & Cafe PricesFerrara Bakery & Cafe Department 56 Value
First Metropolitan Bank19941997$60.00First Metropolitan Bank PricesFirst Metropolitan Bank Department 56 Value
Flatiron Building20062010$150.00Flatiron Building PricesFlatiron Building Department 56 Value
Foster Pharmacy20002002$85.00Foster Pharmacy PricesFoster Pharmacy Department 56 Value
Fulton Fish House2013Current$95.00Fulton Fish House PricesFulton Fish House Department 56 Value
Gardenate House20002002$68.00Gardenate House PricesGardenate House Department 56 Value
Gardens Of Santorini20042007$65.00Gardens Of Santorini PricesGardens Of Santorini Department 56 Value
Golden Gate Bridge20042006$120.00Golden Gate Bridge PricesGolden Gate Bridge Department 56 Value
Grand Central Station Railway19961999$90.00Grand Central Station Railway PricesGrand Central Station Railway Department 56 Value
Haberdashery19921996$40.00Haberdashery PricesHaberdashery Department 56 Value
Hammerstein Piano Co.20072009$90.00Hammerstein Piano Co. PricesHammerstein Piano Co. Department 56 Value
Hanks Market19881992$40.00Hanks Market PricesHanks Market Department 56 Value
Harley-Davidson20022006$85.00Harley-Davidson PricesHarley-Davidson Department 56 Value
Harley-Davidson20032006$85.00Harley-Davidson PricesHarley-Davidson Department 56 Value
Harrison House20032005$70.00Harrison House PricesHarrison House Department 56 Value
Havanas Cigar Shop20082010$90.00Havanas Cigar Shop PricesHavanas Cigar Shop Department 56 Value
Hensly Cadillac & Buick20042006$80.00Hensly Cadillac & Buick PricesHensly Cadillac & Buick Department 56 Value
Heritage Museum Of Art19941998$96.00Heritage Museum Of Art PricesHeritage Museum Of Art Department 56 Value
Hi-De-Ho Nightclub19971999$52.00Hi-De-Ho Nightclub PricesHi-De-Ho Nightclub Department 56 Value
Historic Chicago Water Tower 20032006$65.00Historic Chicago Water Tower  PricesHistoric Chicago Water Tower  Department 56 Value
Hollydales Department Store19911997$85.00Hollydales Department Store PricesHollydales Department Store Department 56 Value
Holy Name Church19952003$96.00Holy Name Church PricesHoly Name Church Department 56 Value
Hudson Public Library20022004$80.00Hudson Public Library PricesHudson Public Library Department 56 Value
Ivy Terrace Apartments19951997$60.00Ivy Terrace Apartments PricesIvy Terrace Apartments Department 56 Value
Jade Palace Chinese Restaurant20102012$90.00Jade Palace Chinese Restaurant PricesJade Palace Chinese Restaurant Department 56 Value
Jambalaya Cafe20062009$80.00Jambalaya Cafe PricesJambalaya Cafe Department 56 Value
Jamison Art Center Collectors Edition20062007$100.00Jamison Art Center Collectors Edition PricesJamison Art Center Collectors Edition Department 56 Value
Jennys Corner Book Shop20002004$65.00Jennys Corner Book Shop PricesJennys Corner Book Shop Department 56 Value
Johnsons Grocery & Deli19972002$60.00Johnsons Grocery & Deli PricesJohnsons Grocery & Deli Department 56 Value
Katie McCabes Restaurant & Books20032004$70.00Katie McCabes Restaurant & Books PricesKatie McCabes Restaurant & Books Department 56 Value
Kellys Irish Crafts 20032005$65.00Kellys Irish Crafts  PricesKellys Irish Crafts  Department 56 Value
Lafayettes Bakery19992002$62.00Lafayettes Bakery PricesLafayettes Bakery Department 56 Value
Lenox China Shop20062008$80.00Lenox China Shop PricesLenox China Shop Department 56 Value
Light Nouveau20062007$80.00Light Nouveau PricesLight Nouveau Department 56 Value
Little Italy Ristorante19911995$52.00Little Italy Ristorante PricesLittle Italy Ristorante Department 56 Value
Lowry Hill Apartments20042007$75.00Lowry Hill Apartments PricesLowry Hill Apartments Department 56 Value
Maxwells Blue Hall Music In The City20112012$95.00Maxwells Blue Hall Music In The City PricesMaxwells Blue Hall Music In The City Department 56 Value
Midtown Barbershop20022004$65.00Midtown Barbershop PricesMidtown Barbershop Department 56 Value
Milano Of Italy20042007$65.00Milano Of Italy PricesMilano Of Italy Department 56 Value
Miller & Sons Hardware & Garden Center20082008$79.00Miller & Sons Hardware & Garden Center PricesMiller & Sons Hardware & Garden Center Department 56 Value
Miss Shannons School Of Dance20062008$75.00Miss Shannons School Of Dance PricesMiss Shannons School Of Dance Department 56 Value
Molly OBriens Irish Pub19992011$62.00Molly OBriens Irish Pub PricesMolly OBriens Irish Pub Department 56 Value
Mrs. Stovers Bungalow Candies20002003$75.00Mrs. Stovers Bungalow Candies PricesMrs. Stovers Bungalow Candies Department 56 Value
Murphys Irish Pub2012Current$85.00Murphys Irish Pub PricesMurphys Irish Pub Department 56 Value
Music Emporium19921996$54.00Music Emporium PricesMusic Emporium Department 56 Value
New York Yankees Refreshment Stand20042005$17.50New York Yankees Refreshment Stand PricesNew York Yankees Refreshment Stand Department 56 Value
New York Yankees Souvenir Shop20042005$45.00New York Yankees Souvenir Shop PricesNew York Yankees Souvenir Shop Department 56 Value
New York Yankees Tavern20042005$45.00New York Yankees Tavern PricesNew York Yankees Tavern Department 56 Value
Nicholas & Co. Toys 20012003$65.00Nicholas & Co. Toys  PricesNicholas & Co. Toys  Department 56 Value
Old Comisky Park Legendary Ballpark20032007$80.00Old Comisky Park Legendary Ballpark PricesOld Comisky Park Legendary Ballpark Department 56 Value
Old Trinity Church19982000$96.00Old Trinity Church PricesOld Trinity Church Department 56 Value
Oxford Shoes2013Current$90.00Oxford Shoes PricesOxford Shoes Department 56 Value
Palace Theatre19871989$45.00Palace Theatre PricesPalace Theatre Department 56 Value
Paradise Travel Company20012002$75.00Paradise Travel Company PricesParadise Travel Company Department 56 Value
Paramount Hotel20002003$85.00Paramount Hotel PricesParamount Hotel Department 56 Value
Parkside Holiday Brownstone 20022002$75.00Parkside Holiday Brownstone  PricesParkside Holiday Brownstone  Department 56 Value
Parkview Hospital19992000$65.00Parkview Hospital PricesParkview Hospital Department 56 Value
Pickford Place19951998$45.00Pickford Place PricesPickford Place Department 56 Value
Pier 56 East Harbor20042008$85.00Pier 56 East Harbor PricesPier 56 East Harbor Department 56 Value
Potters Tea Seller19931996$45.00Potters Tea Seller PricesPotters Tea Seller Department 56 Value
Precinct 25 Police Station19982003$56.00Precinct 25 Police Station PricesPrecinct 25 Police Station Department 56 Value
Rachaels Candy Shop2012Current$70.00Rachaels Candy Shop PricesRachaels Candy Shop Department 56 Value
Radio City Music Hall20022006$95.00Radio City Music Hall PricesRadio City Music Hall Department 56 Value
Red Brick Fire Station19901995$55.00Red Brick Fire Station PricesRed Brick Fire Station Department 56 Value
Ritz Hotel19891994$55.00Ritz Hotel PricesRitz Hotel Department 56 Value
Riverside Row Shops19971999$52.00Riverside Row Shops PricesRiverside Row Shops Department 56 Value
Royal Flush Casino20052008$85.00Royal Flush Casino PricesRoyal Flush Casino Department 56 Value
Royal Oil Company 20042005$75.00Royal Oil Company  PricesRoyal Oil Company  Department 56 Value
Russian Tea Room20052006$70.00Russian Tea Room PricesRussian Tea Room Department 56 Value
Santas Reindeer Petting Stable Limited to20122012$89.00Santas Reindeer Petting Stable Limited to PricesSantas Reindeer Petting Stable Limited to Department 56 Value
Scotties Toy Shop 19981998$65.00Scotties Toy Shop  PricesScotties Toy Shop  Department 56 Value
Seasons Department Store20022001$70.00Seasons Department Store PricesSeasons Department Store Department 56 Value
Soho Shops2013Current$120.00Soho Shops PricesSoho Shops Department 56 Value
Spring St. Coffee House19931996$45.00Spring St. Coffee House PricesSpring St. Coffee House Department 56 Value
St. Marys Church20082008$100.00St. Marys Church PricesSt. Marys Church Department 56 Value
St. Pauls Chapel20112012$130.00St. Pauls Chapel PricesSt. Pauls Chapel Department 56 Value
Sterling Jewelers20012003$70.00Sterling Jewelers PricesSterling Jewelers Department 56 Value
Sutton Place Brownstones19871989$80.00Sutton Place Brownstones PricesSutton Place Brownstones Department 56 Value
Tavern In The Park Restaurant Christmas20012004$75.00Tavern In The Park Restaurant Christmas PricesTavern In The Park Restaurant Christmas Department 56 Value
The Art Institute Of Chicago20042005$85.00The Art Institute Of Chicago PricesThe Art Institute Of Chicago Department 56 Value
The Candy Counter Limited Edition of20062006$85.00The Candy Counter Limited Edition of PricesThe Candy Counter Limited Edition of Department 56 Value
The Capitol19971998$110.00The Capitol PricesThe Capitol Department 56 Value
The Cathedral19871990$60.00The Cathedral PricesThe Cathedral Department 56 Value
The City Globe19972000$65.00The City Globe PricesThe City Globe Department 56 Value
The Consulate 19992000$95.00The Consulate  PricesThe Consulate  Department 56 Value
The Doctors Office19911994$60.00The Doctors Office PricesThe Doctors Office Department 56 Value
The Ed Sullivan Theater20042005$70.00The Ed Sullivan Theater PricesThe Ed Sullivan Theater Department 56 Value
The Flamingo Club Music In The City20112011$95.00The Flamingo Club Music In The City PricesThe Flamingo Club Music In The City Department 56 Value
The Fox Theatre2012Current$120.00The Fox Theatre PricesThe Fox Theatre Department 56 Value
The Golden Ox Market20082011$90.00The Golden Ox Market PricesThe Golden Ox Market Department 56 Value
The Grand Movie Theater19981999$50.00The Grand Movie Theater PricesThe Grand Movie Theater Department 56 Value
The Macambo Music In The City20112011$95.00The Macambo Music In The City PricesThe Macambo Music In The City Department 56 Value
The Majestic Theater20002001$100.00The Majestic Theater PricesThe Majestic Theater Department 56 Value
The Monte Carlo Casino20012002$85.00The Monte Carlo Casino PricesThe Monte Carlo Casino Department 56 Value
The Prescott Hotel 20092009$79.00The Prescott Hotel  PricesThe Prescott Hotel  Department 56 Value
The Regal Ballroom20072008$130.00The Regal Ballroom PricesThe Regal Ballroom Department 56 Value
The Roxy20092011$95.00The Roxy PricesThe Roxy Department 56 Value
The Times Tower 19991999$185.00The Times Tower  PricesThe Times Tower  Department 56 Value
The University Club19982000$60.00The University Club PricesThe University Club Department 56 Value
The Wedding Gallery19982002$60.00The Wedding Gallery PricesThe Wedding Gallery Department 56 Value
Topsys Toys20082009$85.00Topsys Toys PricesTopsys Toys Department 56 Value
Town Tree 19932005$45.00Town Tree  PricesTown Tree  Department 56 Value
Union Station Collectors Edition20082009$140.00Union Station Collectors Edition PricesUnion Station Collectors Edition Department 56 Value
Uptown Shoppes 19921996$150.00Uptown Shoppes  PricesUptown Shoppes  Department 56 Value
Variety Store19881990$45.00Variety Store PricesVariety Store Department 56 Value
Victorias Doll House 20062006$80.00Victorias Doll House  PricesVictorias Doll House  Department 56 Value
Visiting Santa At Finestroms 20052005$75.00Visiting Santa At Finestroms  PricesVisiting Santa At Finestroms  Department 56 Value
Wakefield Books2012Current$70.00Wakefield Books PricesWakefield Books Department 56 Value
Washington Street Post Office19961998$52.00Washington Street Post Office PricesWashington Street Post Office Department 56 Value
WDFS Radio20102010$89.00WDFS Radio PricesWDFS Radio Department 56 Value
West Village Shops 19931996$90.00West Village Shops  PricesWest Village Shops  Department 56 Value
Wintergarten Cafe19991999$60.00Wintergarten Cafe PricesWintergarten Cafe Department 56 Value
Wongs In Chinatown19901994$55.00Wongs In Chinatown PricesWongs In Chinatown Department 56 Value
Woolworths20052008$80.00Woolworths PricesWoolworths Department 56 Value
Wrigley Field Legendary Ballpark Series20012005$95.00Wrigley Field Legendary Ballpark Series PricesWrigley Field Legendary Ballpark Series Department 56 Value
Yankee Stadium 200920092010$110.00Yankee Stadium 2009 PricesYankee Stadium 2009 Department 56 Value
Yankee Stadium Legendary Ballparks20012005$85.00Yankee Stadium Legendary Ballparks PricesYankee Stadium Legendary Ballparks Department 56 Value
Yankee Stadium Lighted Ornament20042005$15.00Yankee Stadium Lighted Ornament PricesYankee Stadium Lighted Ornament Department 56 Value