Department 56 Villages

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Dickens Village Series Village Values

Img Piece Released Retired Value Shop
Captains Cottage 19982000$20.00Captains Cottage  PricesCaptains Cottage  Department 56 Value
Christmas Carol Cottage 19982000$50.00Christmas Carol Cottage  PricesChristmas Carol Cottage  Department 56 Value
Craggy Cove Lighthouse 19982000$20.00Craggy Cove Lighthouse  PricesCraggy Cove Lighthouse  Department 56 Value
Dickens Village Church 19982000$20.00Dickens Village Church  PricesDickens Village Church  Department 56 Value
Dickens Village Mill 19982000$22.50Dickens Village Mill  PricesDickens Village Mill  Department 56 Value
Steeple Church 19982000$20.00Steeple Church  PricesSteeple Church  Department 56 Value
The Old Curiosity Shop 19982000$20.00The Old Curiosity Shop  PricesThe Old Curiosity Shop  Department 56 Value
Victoria Station 19992000$22.50Victoria Station  PricesVictoria Station  Department 56 Value