Department 56 Villages

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Williamsburg Accessories Village Values

Img Piece Released Retired Value Shop
Caroling In Williamsburg2010Current$25.00Caroling In Williamsburg PricesCaroling In Williamsburg Department 56 Value
Carter Coach2010Current$45.00Carter Coach PricesCarter Coach Department 56 Value
Charltons Morning Shipment20112012$30.00Charltons Morning Shipment PricesCharltons Morning Shipment Department 56 Value
Church Fence 2010Current$27.50Church Fence  PricesChurch Fence  Department 56 Value
Color Guard2012Current$20.00Color Guard PricesColor Guard Department 56 Value
Drum Major and Bass Drummer2011Current$25.00Drum Major and Bass Drummer PricesDrum Major and Bass Drummer Department 56 Value
Fifes And Drums2011Current$35.00Fifes And Drums PricesFifes And Drums Department 56 Value
Gathering Eggs2012Current20.00Gathering Eggs PricesGathering Eggs Department 56 Value
Going To Church2010Current$25.00Going To Church PricesGoing To Church Department 56 Value
Going To The Ball2013Current25.00Going To The Ball PricesGoing To The Ball Department 56 Value
Grain For The Horse2012Current30.00Grain For The Horse PricesGrain For The Horse Department 56 Value
Postmaster And Printer2012Current25.00Postmaster And Printer PricesPostmaster And Printer Department 56 Value
Tarpleys Store Shoppers20112012$25.00Tarpleys Store Shoppers PricesTarpleys Store Shoppers Department 56 Value
Tavern Balladeers20112012$25.00Tavern Balladeers PricesTavern Balladeers Department 56 Value
Telling Stories20102012$27.50Telling Stories PricesTelling Stories Department 56 Value