Department 56 Villages

Alpine Village Series Accessories Village Values

Img Piece Released Retired Value Shop
A Head of Cheese20012003$12.50A Head of Cheese PricesA Head of Cheese Department 56 Value
A New Batch of Christmas Friends 19972000$27.50A New Batch of Christmas Friends  PricesA New Batch of Christmas Friends  Department 56 Value
Alpenhorn Player Alpine Village Sign19952001$20.00Alpenhorn Player Alpine Village Sign PricesAlpenhorn Player Alpine Village Sign Department 56 Value
Alpine Clock Tower2011Current$35.00Alpine Clock Tower PricesAlpine Clock Tower Department 56 Value
Alpine Nativity2013Current$25.00Alpine Nativity PricesAlpine Nativity Department 56 Value
Alpine Santa20062007$12.50Alpine Santa PricesAlpine Santa Department 56 Value
Alpine Traveling Band20052008$25.00Alpine Traveling Band PricesAlpine Traveling Band Department 56 Value
Alpine Village Sign19871993$6.00Alpine Village Sign PricesAlpine Village Sign Department 56 Value
Alpine Villagers 19861992$13.00Alpine Villagers  PricesAlpine Villagers  Department 56 Value
Alpine Villagers 19992005$32.50Alpine Villagers  PricesAlpine Villagers  Department 56 Value
At The October Fest 20002005$27.50At The October Fest  PricesAt The October Fest  Department 56 Value
Back From The Fields20022005$17.50Back From The Fields PricesBack From The Fields Department 56 Value
Buying Bakers Bread 19921995$20.00Buying Bakers Bread  PricesBuying Bakers Bread  Department 56 Value
Christmas Market Pyramid Booth2012Current$45.00Christmas Market Pyramid Booth PricesChristmas Market Pyramid Booth Department 56 Value
Christmas Market The Gingerbread Booth 2009Current$45.00Christmas Market The Gingerbread Booth  PricesChristmas Market The Gingerbread Booth  Department 56 Value
Christmas Market The Nutcracker Booth 2010Current$45.00Christmas Market The Nutcracker Booth  PricesChristmas Market The Nutcracker Booth  Department 56 Value
Christmas Market The Ornament Booth 2008Current$40.00Christmas Market The Ornament Booth  PricesChristmas Market The Ornament Booth  Department 56 Value
Christmas Market Tree Topper Booth20112012$45.00Christmas Market Tree Topper Booth PricesChristmas Market Tree Topper Booth Department 56 Value
Climb Every Mountain 19932001$27.50Climb Every Mountain  PricesClimb Every Mountain  Department 56 Value
Cuckoo Clock Vendor & Cart20012004$20.00Cuckoo Clock Vendor & Cart PricesCuckoo Clock Vendor & Cart Department 56 Value
Decorating The Wayside Shrine20052006$17.50Decorating The Wayside Shrine PricesDecorating The Wayside Shrine Department 56 Value
Going Hunting20032005$15.00Going Hunting PricesGoing Hunting Department 56 Value
Happy Tree Hunting20052006$22.50Happy Tree Hunting PricesHappy Tree Hunting Department 56 Value
Hear Ye Citizens20042005$15.00Hear Ye Citizens PricesHear Ye Citizens Department 56 Value
Heidi & Her Goats 19972001$30.00Heidi & Her Goats  PricesHeidi & Her Goats  Department 56 Value
Here Comes The Bride20002002$18.00Here Comes The Bride PricesHere Comes The Bride Department 56 Value
Home From The Mill20012003$20.00Home From The Mill PricesHome From The Mill Department 56 Value
Just In Time To Celebrate2012Current$27.50Just In Time To Celebrate PricesJust In Time To Celebrate Department 56 Value
Kids 2013Current$27.50Kids  PricesKids  Department 56 Value
Leading The Bavarian Cow19992002$20.00Leading The Bavarian Cow PricesLeading The Bavarian Cow Department 56 Value
Little Scholars20052006$17.50Little Scholars PricesLittle Scholars Department 56 Value
Making Beautiful Ornaments20052006$24.00Making Beautiful Ornaments PricesMaking Beautiful Ornaments Department 56 Value
Mozart Monument20032005$15.00Mozart Monument PricesMozart Monument Department 56 Value
My Octoberfest Debut2012Current$22.50My Octoberfest Debut PricesMy Octoberfest Debut Department 56 Value
Nutcracker Vender & Cart19962002$25.00Nutcracker Vender & Cart PricesNutcracker Vender & Cart Department 56 Value
Octoberfest Musicians20112012$20.00Octoberfest Musicians PricesOctoberfest Musicians Department 56 Value
Peaceful Reflection2013Current$12.50Peaceful Reflection PricesPeaceful Reflection Department 56 Value
Polka Fest 19941999$30.00Polka Fest  PricesPolka Fest  Department 56 Value
Sharing An Alpine Christmas20082010$27.50Sharing An Alpine Christmas PricesSharing An Alpine Christmas Department 56 Value
Silent Night Music Box19951999$32.50Silent Night Music Box PricesSilent Night Music Box Department 56 Value
Sisters Of The Abbey1999Current$20.00Sisters Of The Abbey PricesSisters Of The Abbey Department 56 Value
St. Nicholas19982005$12.00St. Nicholas PricesSt. Nicholas Department 56 Value
Tap The First Barrel20022005$17.50Tap The First Barrel PricesTap The First Barrel Department 56 Value
The Bierfest Judge 20022005$20.00The Bierfest Judge  PricesThe Bierfest Judge  Department 56 Value
The Brew Master 20062007$22.50The Brew Master  PricesThe Brew Master  Department 56 Value
The Christkindl Miracle20082010$25.00The Christkindl Miracle PricesThe Christkindl Miracle Department 56 Value
The Finishing Touch20022004$20.00The Finishing Touch PricesThe Finishing Touch Department 56 Value
The Night Watchman20072009$15.00The Night Watchman PricesThe Night Watchman Department 56 Value
The Sound Of Music Gazebo19992002$40.00The Sound Of Music Gazebo PricesThe Sound Of Music Gazebo Department 56 Value
The Toy Peddler 19901998$22.00The Toy Peddler  PricesThe Toy Peddler  Department 56 Value
Treats For The Nanny Goat2012Current$17.50Treats For The Nanny Goat PricesTreats For The Nanny Goat Department 56 Value
Trekking In The Snow 19982002$27.50Trekking In The Snow  PricesTrekking In The Snow  Department 56 Value
Welcome To Alpine Village20072009$17.50Welcome To Alpine Village PricesWelcome To Alpine Village Department 56 Value
Willkommen To Octoberfest20112012$27.50Willkommen To Octoberfest PricesWillkommen To Octoberfest Department 56 Value
Wolfstein Beer Wagon2010Current$40.00Wolfstein Beer Wagon PricesWolfstein Beer Wagon Department 56 Value
Wursts For The Daschund20072009$15.00Wursts For The Daschund PricesWursts For The Daschund Department 56 Value